Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Bump Files: Pregnancy Log week 29

Um...clearly I should've started this log approximately 20 weeks ago (when I found out I was pregnant) but the idea just hit me last night. Why? Because my friend (who is 38 weeks along) and I were comparing pregnancy woes. She's expecting her second child and it's a boy (just like me) and she's starting to get nervous because she's been informed that he's weighing in at 8 lbs 5 oz. She thinks she won't be able to push him out. She's a slight girl with a long thin frame, so I can imagine the fear of being unable to push out a large baby. She has been posting adorable bump-pictures on her Facebook page throughout her pregnancy, but last night she confessed that her belly isn't that cute. She sent me a picture and...


she's RIGHT!!!

Her belly is stretched taut and it honestly looks like her skin will tear at any moment! On such a small frame it's intimidating to see SUCH a large baby bump. It's not the kind of thing you see in people's pretty pregnancy photos. It looks almost painful. She complained about her stretch marks, which I didn't even notice and I felt I could definitely one-up her in the ugly stretch marks department. So, I sent her a picture. She said mine didn't look bad and I said my camera didn't do them justice.

First of all, my first pregnancy left me with three angry red-turned-brown stretch marks right across my abdomen that made it appear as thought I'd gotten into a tussle with Wolverine and obviously lost. Now, this pregnancy has only added insult to injury and now I've got these pink stretch marks scattered around the original three...not pretty.

Pregnancy is NOT pretty. Not all the time, and women neglect to mention this to other women.

My friend and I discussed several different "uglier" sides of heartburn. A lot of us suffer from this horribly intense heartburn, I've had it with both pregnancies. But how many times have ANY of your friends told you that their heartburn is so bad that they have to upchuck just to get rid of it sometimes? I've done it and so has my friend -- we both thought we were "the only ones." I told my friend that once mine was so bad but I just didn't want to vomit so I was coughing it out and well, the bile decided it was going to come up any way and it shot out of my nose!! BILE CAME OUT OF MY NOSE! How disgusting is that?! Maybe sufferers of chronic heartburn experience this as well, but personally, it's just a pregnancy horror story.

I'm not trying to freak any one out by posting this stuff, just trying to be honest about what pregnancy can be like. It's still a beautiful experience, but it can be pretty icky sometimes too.

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