Wednesday, December 5, 2007

never ever thought I would leave him alone but I let a dog roam now he wanna come home...

my boyfriend thinks I'm going to dump him on december 14th. pretty damn specific, eh? well he seems to have these pseudo psychic dreams. and in his most recent I broke up with him on his cousin's bday I gave no explanation other than to say "I have my reasons." in all honesty he's paranoid. paranoid about any lingering feelings I may still have for my ex. I don't really blame him, after all his previous girlfriends have left him for their exes at an alarming rate. the percentage is astounding, and gives him every reason to doubt my feelings. except I'm me. that's the difference...well then again that may make him think my sentiments dubious more than anything else. see, my ex..hmm...well I felt he was the one, you know the ONE, for years. I waited for him--he was my first and everything. my one and only, my love, my life, my soulmate. but he broke my heart too many damn times. and I had to let him go. like keyshia cole says "if he aint gonna love you the way he should, then let him go" and that's what I've done. however he recently contacted my sister to tell her that he still loves me. well what can I say but... "don't trust him, though I still love him no longer want him..."--there will always be a soft spot for him but I'm not IN love with him. he's just a bit of nostalgia. me and E we're in for the long run.

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