Saturday, October 13, 2007

25 µm=a big deal

so i've made an arrangement with my boy JAY, that if i don't have a baby by age 30, i can have his sperm.
we won't be together but he'll play an active role in the kid's life. so it's all good.
my sister's biological clock is ticking, and it's a clock about the size of big ben. that pendulum is knocking her down right about now. it's a sad state to be in. and i wish i could do something to help, but in all honesty...i really can't. i don't think she's infertile. she tends to jump to the worst possible scenario, so she thinks she is. i think she'll be alright, all that's needed is a little patience...

and some sperm.

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C Lu said...

woop! I don't need Jay anymore!